Frust was founded in 2018 by Mario Steiner as a solo-project, located in Austria. Frusts works are independet, self published, no big team behind, its 100% me, for most of stuff (except Artworks and some PR). The first EP „Elements“ was released in June 2018, and the Debut-Album „Recurring Dreams“ was released on 4th of April 2019. I have been playing in a punk/grunge-Band in the late 90ies and early years of the new millenium, after the disbandment i´ve worked on some meditation-tracks and some other stuff for friends only, no public stuff.

Both recordings are thematically bound to my live. As i ve tried to express  my inspiration and love through/for nature  on „Elements“, i´ve tried to express some of my fears, for which i am a professional, because of a long year ongoing anxienty disorder :).I didnt want to digest anything, but trying to remember my worest phases over the last 15 years and give them a sound on some of the tracks, like „Call of Madness“, „Recurring Dreams“.

I ´ve also gathered some ideas for the coming release(s), and thinking about let YOU be part of the process to in the future, at least, having a look behind the scenes, invite you to demo-listenings, and so on, i just havent decided what the right platform will be – more about it soon.

Both releases are available on CD and digital Downloads for sure.


Contact:  contact(at)